Sunday, October 12, 2008

We made it

A view of the San Fransisco Peaks from 38 miles away. The peaks are over 11,000 feet high. We once lived in Flagstaff at their feet.

For those keeping track we made it to Arizona in one piece. Vicki and I spent most of yesterday afternoon unloading a moving van (just ten feet of one) with helpers into a storage unit in Chandler, AZ a southern suburb of Phoenix.

We're staying with Vicki's folks, enjoying the great weather in Arizona in the fall, helping them around their house and starting to think about jobs, a rental house and stuff like that.

In the meantime I'm posting from a Starbucks a couple of blocks from the In-Law's house. I read a lot of my reader's blogs today and everyone is rightly concerned with the nasty, racial, hate-filled tone of the McCain/Palin bunch. If you want the definition of bigot, just look up Palin in the dictionary. It almost seems as if they mean to revive the KKK.

We've let our country swing so far right that I listened at breakfast this morning to a member of my In-Law's church describe the Arizona Republic ( a noted right wing rag for 60 years) as too far left for him. Really?

At the same table another gentleman told me that he considered all democrats unpatriotic. Wow? And these folks are going to vote. If we speak again without the wives present I will ask this man point blank if he thinks electing an ignorant twit like Sarah Palin is patriotic.

Oh well, this state has always been a repugnant stronghold and it's not likely to change. Still, it would be nice to hear someone with some sense. Oh, and I did. My father-in-law totally gets it. He thinks Bush, the republicans and our government in general has sold us all down the river. Amen to that!

So I guess the good news is that he and I won't be having any heated political arguments while we're staying with them.

It cooled off enough yesterday that we had a fire in their backyard firepit and watched the almost full moon last night. I smoked a celebratory cigar and downed some brewskies after a day of moving furniture. All is well.

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OMYWORD! said...

Man...I wish you guys could rent my condo. It's adorable, but it's in Carefree, so you'd have a bit of a drive to see your inlaws. But it's adorable. Can we make a deal? :-)