Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool comes to my baby

As I reported yesterday I turned my back on my old tinting shop when they failed to provide the level of customer service I sought. Instead a nice fellow by the name of Gilbert showed up this morning and did the work at my in-law's place.

Here are a couple of pictures of him working. He turned out to be a world traveller and an excellent tint installer. In addition, I saved $80 and had the work done at home. Very cool; yes, a pun is intended.

Now if I can just remember to not operate the windows for a couple of days all will be well. I can already tell the difference in the car. I know to those of you in the east it may sound crazy, but in Arizona, tinting your car's windows is almost mandatory. Too much sun is not a good thing.

I am continuing my exposure to Starbucks society and met a bright young man from the local Intel plant at my local "Bucks" today. We had a long talk about the markets, his company, worthless stock options, housing and foreclosures and lots of political stuff.

He introduced me to a website about a new form of living and culture. It is The Venus Project. If you get a chance, jump on over there and check out some innovative ideas about how to live better.

Things with the "Rents" are going pretty good. Vic and I tackle a project a day and help where and when we can. Later today I will be investigating their irrigation system and its timer. Should be interesting.



Anonymous said...

McMims - sorry we didn't get together this week. Jim (the youngest son) and I are leaving Friday for a Caribbean Cruise, there will be 16 of us my brothers and sister and spouses. Nancy is staying home with her mom. This is the first time either one of us is cruising without the other. Will try to get a round of golf in down there somewhere. When I get back one of my priorities will be to get you out on the course. Maybe ELECTION day.

Richard said...

I voted today, so your republican attempt to suppress my democratic vote will be in vain. (ha-ha-ha)

Let's see how it shakes out. We're dealing with a few things with the "rents", but I should be able to get loose most days.

Have a good cruise.


Dianne said...

tinted windows definitely add a cool factor :)

Robert said...
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Robert said...

I'm an Irishman living in England, and I have friends throughout the UK, France, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and various bits of Africa. It might interest you to know that I have not found even ONE person who wants John McCain to win the election. The general feeling is that Obama will change the belligerant, unilateralist, isolationist policies followed by Bush...and the USA can rejoin the world community. You might also be interested to know that a win for McCain will be viewed by most (rightly or wrongly) as a win for racists & the religious right.

I look forward to the day when I can stick up for the USA without risking ridicule. It is my belief that mending the relationship between the USA & the rest of the world would be very good for your country and the ordinary American and beneficial for the rest of the world.

All but one of the American ex-pats I know (and I know quite a few through my business) here in England are voting for Obama. Viewing the USA from a distance gives them extra clarity, and they can see how much damage Bush has done to the USA's international relationships - not to mention the world economy.

Richard said...

Dianne: Cool but not McCool.

Robert: great to hear from you again. I hope you and your wife are getting along OK.

I have a blog friend in France and feelings against America and Americans are pretty strong there as well.

I hope and pray we can end republican rule in this country. It has brought on disaster after disaster.