Sunday, September 19, 2010

The "C: Word Part 2

Well, it's been two weeks since my wife's surgery. She's healing just fine and feeling much better. We had a follow-up visit with her surgeon and got the pathology report on the cancer. It is neuroendocrine carcinoma, not a very pleasant type of the disease. We were referred to a doctor who is part of a skull based tumor team based in Barrow's Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital here in Phoenix. The good news is that he's on our insurance and we met with him this week. Now we await a time to have an MRI and PET scan at St. Joes.

After that we meet with the radiologist to learn the stage of the disease. From what we've been told the tumor board will then meet to discuss Vicki's case and recommend a treatment plan. The oncologist has already indicated it will most likely be both chemo and radiation with a chance of more surgery as well.

The oncologist was very upbeat and energetic about getting Vicki in the program and started on treatment. We both feel blessed that a team of doctors is available here to treat Vicki. Now we are all about getting on with the tests and treatments.

Oh, and as luck or fate or whatever would have it, Vicki got a call from a local non-profit she had applied to and will have a second interview this coming week. All this in spite of the fact she told them at their initial call that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Amazing!?

My role as husband here seems defined by my wife's needs and my need to stay employed and insured. So far things have seemed to work out in our favor and I pray they will continue that way.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The "C" Word

My wife had her surgery yesterday. The removal of the large tumor in her sinus cavity was successful, but the tumor was malignant. Now we wait to find out exactly what kind of cancer it is and how we go about fighting it.

I spent time these last couple of days researching paranasal cancers. There is a good deal of information from sites like NIH (national institutes of health) that inform the laymen what the sinuses are, where they are and what kinds of cancer happen there.

This particular type of cancer is rare. It is especially rare in women. As always my wife (the most beautiful and unique woman ever to come in to my life) has found yet another way to express her singularity.

We have a followup appointment with the surgeon this Friday. We may or may not know the results of the stained tissue samples at that time.

Vicki is doing well following the surgery; at least now she can breath through her nose again.

I am supposed to return to work tomorrow. My heart is not in it yet now more than ever i need a job and the insurance that comes with it.

At some point I will most likely get good and drunk and cry. But not now and not where Vicki can see me.

For now I still hold out the foolish hope that the tests will come back with the most easily cured type or better yet they'll find the initial biopsy flawed and tell us the tumor was benign after all.

Please say a prayer for Vicki....and for me.