Friday, October 17, 2008

Class Warfare? Yea and we lost.

One of the biggest lies in republican propaganda is that we have high taxes for the rich and taxing them anymore amounts to class warfare. Well, maybe it does, but wouldn't it be nice to win a round every now and then?

Look what's happening today, right this minute. Our government is engaged in spending BILLIONS of DOLLARS $$$$$$ to bail out those who rode high on the hog this last 8 years. We're talking about folks with salaries and bonuses of over a million bucks a year.

These poor soul's businesses that packaged, massaged and misrepresented bad loans to banks, investment houses and unwitting consumers, now wants us to make it all better. Forget millions of foreclosures, forget the millions of jobs lost during BushCo's term and God Almighty, forget that we cut taxes on all the greedy bastards so they could keep more of their ill gotten gains.

As my favorite broadcaster Jon Stewart puts it: well Holy Fuck! What more do they want of us? The answer of course is everything. We are infected with a large group of people who feel entitled to rip us off, scoff at our work ethic, and generally screw up our economy with impunity. No matter how we fix this thing I will never be content till as many of these dillweeds go to jail and pay back what ever money they obtained from these practices.

CEO compensation reform be damned. I am interested in CEO, COO, and Broker, salesman, etc.... incarceration. At some point in our history we need to stop forgiving white collar criminals just because they managed to take us for so much money and get Medieval on their asses!

The Daily Husband


Betty said...

I want to see perp walks. Lots and lots of perp walks. And, soon!

Richard said...

betty: Yea, I forgot about those. You betcha Betty.


OMYWORD! said...

I just read that the upcoming bonus compensation for banking and insurance companies involved in the bailout is 10% of the total bailout package of $700 billion, which would be...$70 billion. !!

All those bonuses should go away now. If the banks turn themselves around, then bonuses should be paid as a percentage of profits, after the debt to the American people is payed off.