Thursday, October 16, 2008

Has anybody seen my old friend John?

Like many who are concerned with the future of our country, I watched the third and final debate last night. I listened as McCain hammered away about nonsense and both candidates danced around how they'll handle the huge mess and bigger deficit that will be left them by George W. (worst president ever) Bush.

I will still vote for Obama. Nothing said last night changed my mind. What amazes me is that there are still undecided voters. Why? Is there truly a question about letting the republicans craft any more dangerous and disastrous policy?

I am realistic and cynical enough to know that Obama will not be able to do miracles. His options will be severely limited. In addition, the right wing will immediately act to undercut his authority and effectiveness. Imagine it like the invasion of Iraq; Saddam's people knew they'd lose the war, but counted on an insurgency that lasted indefinitely. The republicans and more importantly the money people behind them do not want a return to stricter times. The last thing these modern day robber barons would like is to be scrutinized, caught, prosecuted and imprisoned for their crimes.

My father-in-law and I discussed the possibility of Obama losing simply because he is black. I am sad to say the potential for that happening is there. When I view the poll numbers the undecided ones scare me. Those seem to be the folks holding out for McCain to finally do something, anything really, that would help them justify in their little bitty bigoted minds, not voting for Obama.

This election is not only a referendum on 8 years of failed policy and governance by BushCo, but also a referendum on how far we've come in our society. If Obama loses this election it will say to me that all the long decades of civil rights have been meaningless, at least when it comes to the top job in our government. If that happens it will expose a level of hypocrisy and bigotry not believed to be the norm in our society.

I remain hopeful that Obama will win and win big. A mandate to fix this crappy situation would be nice. Then I will pray most fervently that Barack H. Obama will be up to the task at hand.

Because last night, in the last debate, I watched the devolution of a man who once had my respect. John McCain is a proven war hero and has served his country. How well he has served may be up for discussion, but the man has devoted his career to public service. He seemed so far removed from reality and so unable to calmly, thoughtfully present a reason to vote for him instead of Obama, that many felt sorry for the man. Should he lose this election, and I pray that he will, I wonder if he'll look back at his bevy of bad decisions, his appalling choice of running mate and the awkward, angry and way too negative campaign and understand what he did wrong.

He could have been something if he'd been elected in 2000 instead of the idiot. Last night I learned (sadly) why he couldn't beat George in the primaries. Too bad, so sad, so long John.



Dianne said...

I remain hopeful too Rich but I am very worried about the closet bigots and about peer pressure. An elderly lady I know told me she was afraid to tell her friends and family she was voting for Obama.

I told her to lie to them and do what she wanted :)


the closer it gets the more anxious I become.

Richard said...

Dianne: hang in there kiddo, we're gonna do the right thing this time.