Monday, October 20, 2008

Made up and Stayed up

OK, so the new opener is in and operating. Vic and I are on speaking terms again. I was supposed to get tint on the windows of our car today, but the shop pissed me off and I decided to use somebody else.

Without getting into a lot of boring detail about a petty incident, let me say this.
"Any conversation a business has with a dissatisfied customer needs to be about the customer, not about the business." If you have crummy customer service, or employees that think they're doing your customer a favor by taking their money and providing the product or service the customer is paying for; well, then your business is going to have a problem in this recession.

Folks are going to stop spending money with you and look for a place that appreciates their business. Word to the wise; be nice to the people who spend money with you.

On another entirely different note: It seems I am becoming a part of Starbucks society. I am not sure that's a good thing though. This morning, after canceling my install with the shmucks, I stopped to get online and research tinting shops at a "Bucks" new to me. While there, a guy next to me hooked me up with a deal on tinting and I'll find out tomorrow just how good the deal is.

I also met a very nice lady who is on the faculty at University of Phoenix. We chatted amiably for a while about the economy, the housing market, and business in general. It was a very pleasant experience. And nice to hear from someone else how badly they feel our country has been governed.

Vicki and I spent some time today discussing what we would be doing with and for her folks. There is a need for diplomacy here which I lack. It will be up to Vic to take care of that end. I will focus on giving her a second opinion and doing what I can around the in-law's place to make their life easier, safer and more secure.

It seems when we get to talking about this stuff we can become passionate and edgy. I find myself apologizing many times during our conversations and reassuring her that my intention is to help her and not pressure her. On this count I have been only partly successful. My temporary solution is to make a conscious effort to shut up for a while.

Anyone who has read my blogs will appreciate how hard that is for me. I have at least one and sometimes several opinions about almost everything. Not a good trait for a husband; at least not for a husband who wants to enjoy the delights of marital bliss on a regular basis.


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