Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Listen to your Father - In - Law

Vicki and I are living with her parents for a while. They are great people who have watched the country get whacky and wonder why, how, and when will it stop.

At breakfast this morning my father-in-law stated that he didn't like the idea of bailing out people who couldn't pay their mortgages. I said that we would really be helping them keep their homes and pay less in mortgage payments. His reply was what's the government going to do for him. "If the fucking government is giving away money then I want some of it" was his sentiment.

I am afraid a lot of seniors or elders as Ronni Bennett at Times Goes By calls them might feel that way.

Here's the thing. We have already committed to spending at least 700 billion dollars in the finance industry. Wouldn't it be nice if some of that actually went towards stopping foreclosures and keeping people in their homes?

My belief is that is a certain amount of schadenfreude is going on with folks over the mortgage mess. OK, I get that, but in the end none of us really wants a country where millions walk away from their homes. The economic displacement and social consequences are not pretty. Yet we may well see many millions of folks lose their homes.

How about some economic triage? Couldn't we get to those most in need first and help them with some of this 700 billion dollars. At the point we're giving money to banks to cover bad paper, are we really helping the mortgage holders at all? Or are we just helping investors with more money than sense?

A scary, conspiracy inspired thought occurred to me during the last few days.

What if Bush is really just the stalking horse for the New World Order? After all he's managed to bring down the world economy and most nations have now nationalized their banks, in essence insuring the fat cats will be protected. Again, it's just a thought, but wouldn't that be the pits; Bush, the so-called conservative being the actor who socializes the world?

Far out; you bet. Crazy talk; maybe. Still, it makes you wonder how a dumbass psuedo cowboy, Yalie, ex-Texas governor ever got to be president of our country and father the worst administration and worst results since the great depression.

Now they want to have a Right-wingnut VP within a heart attack of being president. The republicans have truly jumped the shark on this one.

The Daily Husband


Betty said...

OK. I know I'm the queen of conspiracy theories, but I don't mind telling you that the first thing I thought of when I heard about the bailouts was "The New World Order'. Wasn't that phrase first bandied about by Geo. H.W. Bush?

Richard said...

Betty: justr goes to show that our great minds run in like paths.


Ronni Bennett said...

Aw, come on now, it's not just elders who feel like your father-in-law. I've talked to a bunch of 30- and 40-somethings who are saying the same thing. Don't lay all off on old people.