Sunday, October 26, 2008


There exists, on the Arizona ballot this year, a proposition which is supposed to be about protecting marriage. It's one of those anti-gay things that theocrats think has a place in politics.

It is true that the state of marriage in our country is marginal. It's still a 50/50 chance you take when tying the knot. So What? For those like Vicki and I who have found a partner worth putting up with, lying next to night after night, watching them grow older before your eyes, helping with parents and children, enjoying travel and entertainment together and all the other myriad blessings of a good marriage it was well worth the gamble.

I wouldn't trade these 27 years we've been together for anything. And for 22 of them we've been married.

So... I don't see the necessity for any government intervention into defining marriage. I understand that couples ( of any sort) want equal financial and social rights, but that's certainly a secular and not religious matter.

It is hard for me to imagine what is the danger a committed relationship between two other people represents to me. I admit to not enjoying seeing men kissing, (it's my generation and raging heterosexuality I guess) but I could care less if they want to have a committed and socially recognized relationship. It's for others to figure out what to call it and if they decide to call it marriage or some legal term good for tax purposes, well good for them. It certainly won't make me any less married or mar the the good name of marriage in my eyes.

While there exists a great many things that humans do that surely should not be socially or governmentally sanctioned, I cannot believe that two humans who have been fortunate enough to build a relationship worth memorializing and legitimizing are really engaged in that kind of activity. We heteros spend too much time worrying about what the gays are up to in the bedroom and the possible bad effects on our children. Why not spend a bit more time enjoying our own relationships and let the schadenfreude go about gay relationships?

Just a thought.

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Almost American said...

Some of the best parents I've seen recently are gay couples, and some of the worst parents heterosexuals! I just don't understand why so many people find gay marriage so threatening!