Thursday, October 23, 2008

OK, now what?

Well, we've accomplished some of our goals with Vic's parents and we think we can see the end of the tunnel. Now we need to begin the process of establishing our lives in Phoenix.

Most of the reading, research and anecdotal accounts I've researched tell me that obtaining employment at age 59 will be tough. SO......... What to do.

I've been thinking of investing a little of our diminished nest egg in a local business as a way of buying myself a job. Problem here is that most retail establishments I see are experiencing a downturn in sales. Then there's the service sector. Maybe there's some opportunity there.

I'd really love to be involved in a manufacturing effort. But most take way more capital than we possess.

Still, there has to be something I can do. We don't believe that Vicki will have a problem getting work. The only thing with her job is to get one close that pays well.

Today seems like an excellent time to explore whats out there. The internet has some obvious advantages over knocking on doors, though I'm not above doing that as well.

We mailed our ballots today with plenty of extra postage so there is no chance of them not getting there.

Hope you all get a chance to get out and cast a ballot.

The Daily Husband


Robert said...

You might find this link amusing..

Richard said...

robert: It was a very funny picture. Thanks