Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Beat goes on

In my never ending quest to conquer all maintenance chores at my in-law's place I will be replacing a damaged fluorescent fixture and its accompanying bulb. Then it's on to the guest room toilet which runs for no good reason. This usually means a bad flapper valve or seal at the tank or in the worst case, the need for replacing the guts of the unit in entirety.

I am going with the flapper valve replacement first because the flush valve is modern and the toilet is in a difficult and cramped location in which to work. (I did that sentence for Dr. John) (about the preposition I mean, not about the toilet) (I promise, no pun was intended) (REALLY)

Anyway....... As is my habit, I check pricing at both Home Depot and Lowes. While at the Home Depot, the alleged potty expert (I say alleged because he did not know that flapper valves had different width hinge fixtures and just handed me the most overpriced piece of crap he had) At the same time he asked why I was comparison shopping when I clued him to the info on flush valves and I replied "You might have heard, we're in a recession and I like to spend my money wisely." He replied "It's only a recession if you believe there's one."

I know I should have let it go, but the obvious republican/Rush Limbaugh/Faux News denial line, drew an instant response. I told him that conditions made it a recession not my awareness or belief in it. I did not ask him what he was smoking, though I should have, cause right about now (the time I'm working on my father-in-law's toilet) I could use a good toke of something green and sweet smelling.

I did not buy the overpriced item he suggested and will go back shortly to the house, drain the tank, pull the old flush valve and go to the local hardware store for a replacement. I'm betting that no one there will have the temerity to tell me the "RECESSION" is all in my head.

I am not a huge fan of Home Depot anyway because they use the company Certigy to guarantee payment when you pay them by check. Back when we were remodeling our home in North Carolina I had it out with them and took several thousand dollars of flooring business from Home Depot and gave it to Lowes. Certigy uses a computer program for check acceptance and not your actual bank balance or payment history. Pissed me off bigtime. I pretty much told them to shove it.

Since coming back to Phoenix and working on the "Rents" place I put my dislike for the "Depot" aside and shopped there as needed. It will be needed less and less I think.

OK, I have stories to read, comments to right, light fixtures to repair and toilets to flush.

Have a great weekend.

The Daily Husband

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