Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yard Sales

For those who have never held a successful yard sale, let me tell you how it works.

You dig up all the crap around your house that you no longer care for or just want to be rid of or whatever. This takes a couple of weeks if you're my in-laws. The resulting heaps of items are then sorted, priced and gotten ready to display.

The morning of the sale you get up before 5:00AM (I'm not kidding) to get all the tables loaded with items, all the clothes hung and all the other stuff out in the driveway to attract the hordes.

Our first sale this morning was made to a couple who showed up a 5:30 in the morning, with a flashlight, to look at our junk.

The only thing they purchased was a pair of handcuffs for $3:00. I kid you not. My wife, her mother, father and other sisters all speculated on how the handcuffs would be used. I was the one that sold them and didn't even know what was in the box. I just made sure to get the 3 bucks that was on the sticker.

We had some slack times, but lots of folks showed up. I left around 8:30 to come down to the "Bucks" to blog. By that time we must have had 50 or more people show up. No doubt when I get back they will have had many times more than that.

Yard sales are a great tradition in Phoenix. Some folks furnish their whole homes with yard sale merchandise. It's nothing to make several hundred or even a thousand dollars at a good one. Of course that was back in the day before the present sad economy.

I will report on the sale in a coming blog and we'll judge from that.

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