Saturday, November 1, 2008

Intimacy Maintenance

Intimacy maintenance, what the hell are you talking about, you might ask?

Here goes, stay with me if you can. I will do my best to not give too much information, yet impart enough to make the point.

I am a touchy- feelly kind of person. I regularly caress, touch, grab, fondle and generally molest my wife. Usually while we do dishes together or any other time I feel like it. I do my best to not do too much of this in public and to be honest, I think I'm better at that part than she is. She feels no compunctions about grabbing my ass while we wait in line at a restaurant or some other public place. But I digress...

Good marriages have a distinctive physical component that needs to be held on to as the couple ages. While our style of dress and the exposure of skin my change with age, our need to touch and be touched does not. In fact, I would say we need more hugs and caresses as we get older.

So, if you have a good relationship, then make sure you keep up the intimacy. Don't miss out on the physical bond that makes your marriage special, exciting, lusty, romantic or whatever.

I thought about this last night after a late night, spontaneous love making session. When you're my age (59 going on 80) then these things really rock. I made the effort to take my time, be gentle and generally revel in our intimacy. There is simply nothing hotter than lying with the one you love in that very special and most intimate of caresses.

I admit it. If I could lay around in bed with my wife most of the day, I would, In our younger days we did a good bit of that on weekends. Now laying in bed too long brings on arthritic pains and the need to gain a more vertical position. Too bad really, I prefer the horizontal.

Anyway, the point of this post is this. Take time, make the effort to have physical and emotional intimacy with your mate. It causes your brain to produce good endorphins, adds years to your lifespan and puts a smile on your face. What's not to like?

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