Monday, November 3, 2008

A thought about Change

Back in February of this year I was writing poetry at a website called Neopoet. I found this one today while reviewing some of my older works. It might be relevant to what we do tomorrow at the polls. See what you think.

It’s been some time since I heard the world
clamoring for change
though need of it is manifest
throughout this worldly range

Step not upon the shores
of alteration and disdain
though ways that have worked a thousand years
grow harder to explain

Tell me please if you can
Why man must kill his kind
most animals abstain from this
it’s mostly us I find

And then there’s the molestation
of younger girls and boys
how did this come to be in vogue?
as if human kids were toys

It’s known that greed is ancient
one of the deadly sins
yet does it seem to you as me
that we’ve allowed it timely wins

In this day of modern wealth
are not there starving more
men and women and boys and girls
than there has ever been before

I know we’re a multitudinous race
homosapiens we be
Yet did we lose the compassion gene
or somehow set if free

We’re so tied up in the daily grind
and attempting to survive
Forgetting that mere striving
will not our consciences revive?

What say you about the study of war?
the ways to kill and maim
Have we not excelled in this dread skill?
Many honors we may claim

Oh praise to our fine technology
we’ve come a thousand years
till attempting to grasp suicide
then we’re lost again my dears

If you’ve witnessed dementia
or visited a home
where our grandparents are warehoused
interred within the dome

Of inexplicable reluctance
to face those growing old
despite it’s there in all our blood
If I may be so bold

Yea, we’re a great bunch of highly
evolved and wizened folk
except when we face reality
then it seems more of a joke

That we this most intelligent
and lofty human race
still stumble with the questions
and the answers we might face

It appears we have taken gold
not wisdom in exchange
Yes it’s been sometime since I’ve heard this world
Clamoring for change

Maybe we'll see a little change this coming year.

The Daily Husband


Robert said...

Methinks you're going to see more than a little change this incoming year. And, imho, change for the better.

80% of British folk are joining with 52% of American folk in joy for the result of the presidential election and hope for better times for the world.

Richard said...

Robert: yea I've been hearing a lot of that. We did our best this time, methinks.