Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moving on Up

We met with a couple that has a small house for rent is Sun Lakes. It's just a few minutes from Vicki's parents, will give us access to all amenities here and we can be in it by the end of the month.

Vic seemed anxious to make something happen and I was content once we assured ourselves our King size bed would fit in the master bedroom. Daddy needs his space to play and rest.

Made a deal about rent, some furniture they will remove and will give them a deposit tomorrow in anticipation of starting to pull stuff out of our storage room at U-Haul. I will need to drink many adult beverages before and after tackling that project. Our belongings, furniture and appliances are stuffed in the storage room like sardines. We need only some of the pieces, but most all will need to be removed to get to what we need. AAAGGGHHHHH

It may entail hiring some help again for the move, we'll just have to see how sparky we feel after the first attempt at getting some of our stuff.

The Daily Husband

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