Wednesday, November 12, 2008

People that the world revolves around

Everyone has had a friend, neighbor, teenager or someone in their life who thinks the world revolves around them. My in-laws have a family of people like that as their neighbors.

This morning I was wakened from a sound sleep by the sound of a horn honking, repeatedly.

It seems the next door neighbors use the horn on their motorcycles and three wheelers to signal people inside their house to close the garage door. Now I know you're saying to yourselves, "Man, they could just use a remote or get off their bikes and close it." But these folks are not that swift.

Instead,the rider will signal with the horn. Too bad if you're trying to sleep right next door and your open bedroom window is assaulted by the horn.

When they woke me this morning I bounded out of bed in my shorts, went to the street and confronted a rider on a Harley three wheeler. The rider was dressed all in black leather and even had on a black wind scarf. I was without my glasses and couldn't tell the gender of the rider at first.

I pointed to my bedroom window and asked that they please not honk their horns and wake me up. From beneath the wind scarf came a little squeaky "Sorry". I guess it was one of the biker chicks on the three wheeler this morning.

More than likely the image of me in my pajama shorts with hair looking like antenna will stay with her long enough to remind her to find another way to get the door closed. It was not a pretty picture and I was somewhat perturbed as well. My guess is that she picked up on that too.

We move in to our own place the 1st of December, so the problem will solve itself eventually, but I react very unfavorably to being awakened in so thoughtless and uncaring a manner.

Some people really think the world revolves around them and their every need and action.

It ain't so.

The Daily Husband

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