Saturday, November 15, 2008

IKEA - Swedish for bring your lunch

As most Husbands will do, I started something today I may live to regret.

Vic and I were not wanting to look at our storage unit today, because we know our furniture and belongings are just stuffed in there and will need much blood, sweat and tears to remove. It will also take a couple of guys with young legs and good muscles as well. But I digress..

So on the way to the storage unit I asked her if she would like to go and see the big IKEA store. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for on this occasion.

They give you a map and a menu when you walk in the door. That should have been sufficient warning, but it wasn't. This first clue should be enough let you know you've entered an alternative universe in which shopping for Swedish furniture and household goods requires walking miles, seeing thousands of items and stopping for refreshment and a meal in between. No kidding.

I thought it was pretty cool, till I realized they were doing this as a necessity. Husbands have been lost in this store for hours and sometimes days on end. Without food and water they would perish.

A few hours later we popped out the other end of the gigantic structure with pictures of modern Nordic furniture and decorating items burned into our memories. For a while I thought I was back in the 60s. Had there been a few more folks in bell bottoms the spell would have been complete. Luckily I escaped without a bad LSD flashback occurring.

Be warned my fellow Husbands; IKEA is Swedish for bring a lunch and they ain't kidding.

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Robert said...

I have nominated you for up to 2 awards and I've tagged you simultaneously. Pop along to my blog & see if they're worth picking up.

Best wishes!

Richard said...

Thanks Robert, I will do just that.


Alice said...

I'll throw in my two bits about IKEA as a woman. We got a new store about two years ago. We've been 3 times; each time, we plan it to be a day trip, another good time we have as a retired couple with time to do silly things like that! Oh, congrats on the 2 awards.