Friday, May 2, 2008

How you Know It’s Summer at My House

Summer is officially here. Yea, I know the calendar says different, but I have a much better way of telling. My A/C broke down yesterday, just when I needed it. Our master bedroom and my office are on the second floor of our home and it got very warm up there.

I called the local A/C company and two guys are currently working on repairing the unit that provides cool air to the upstairs. They are very nice guys and seem to be doing a great job. Of course there will be some cost associated with that as well. When you’re out of work and pinching pennies every unscheduled outlay is tough. I am now supremely motivated to find a job.

Speaking of jobs; it turns out the A/C company is looking for a salesman. My resume, recommendation letter and a good cover letter will accompany my check back to their office. The tech rep has pledged to get it to the boss.

If I get work from this event then having some A/C repairs will turn out to be a blessing in addition to providing cool air for sleeping and working upstairs.

I know I promised not to mention viruses again, but today my laptop computer had more virus issues. I spent time on the phone with the Trend Micro people and I hope it is resolved. I don’t really know yet because as soon as I fixed the virus problem my DSL went down.

A guy could get a complex with stuff like this happening. The only thing good about it is if bad things come in threes then I should be done with em for a while.

Anyway…..Life goes on, I continue to write, look for work and do my best to keep the old homestead in shape.

The Daily Husband


Robert said...

I've got the free AVG anti-virus - have had it for a few years now, and it works just fine. But it doesn't deal with spyware & some other malware. For that you can get Lavasoft's Ad-aware. Here's the url:

It won't take you long to download and install this & then you can get back to the ironing ;)

Richard said...

Thanks for the info Robert. I am going to talk about something more manly on Monday.

The manly art of grilling meat.