Friday, May 30, 2008

The Angry Husband

As I have stated before my wife works at a store within a big-ass store. So basically she works at a big-ass store.

It seems this store has set records nationwide and the young manager has lost her tiny little mind over it. Yesterday my wife came home and after listening to my day, she broke down crying because of the treatment she'd received at the hands of her manager. My first instinct after listening to Vicki's story was to go to the store and kick the crap out of the young lady. That is still frowned upon in Hickory though, so instead we just hung out. I made dinner for Vic and we talked. She broke down one more time and we talked some more.

The most I wanted to accomplish last night was to reassure her she was loved and let her know that the asshat she worked for (my thanks to Dianne for the terminology) was really irrelevant and not very bright.

This evening we talked some more and decided that it might just be a case of age discrimination. If that is truly the case then I suggested that Vicki tell her to knock it off and file a complaint. The kind of treatment she has been receiving has been noted by other company officials and should be easy to document if need be.

In the meantime she has applied for another job and perhaps that will solve it.

I hope that does it.

The Daily Husband


Dianne said...

It may very well be age discrimination or it could just be asshatery.

I've noticed that the younger managers at my big-ass store are mostly asshats. I think a lot of it is that the job is their first time having "power" over people and in their small worlds that goes to their heads.

and the stress of the economy is making everyone act crazier than usual.

I was told I needed to clean the store. I'm talking about scrubbing racks and on hands and knees under displays. I refused! They need to pay the cleaning crew properly and they need to supervise the cleaning crew. Perhaps the CEO should give less parties and buy less art then 50+ women with bad backs won't need to crawl around under displays.

A few of the other workers said they would refuse as well. It all comes to a head in a week or two - we shall see.

Hugs to Vicki - tell her I know how it feels.

asshats to the left of us - asshats to the right - here we are ;)

Richard said...

Thanks Dianne. She had a better day the next one she went in. We think some folks said something to the manager. This gal was really out of hand and many noticed it.