Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How do you get your Wife to Relax?

My wife is starting the second month of her new job at the big-ass store. She is enjoying the people and the work, though the training schedule and shifting hours have been hard on her. She is looking forward to getting the new store opened and setting up a regular work routine. In the meantime she continues to use her irregular and less frequent days off to clean house, go grocery shopping or involve herself in some other arduous and time consuming household task.

During our A/C repair last week one of the techs commented on how immaculate our home was. (his words not mine) I explained to him that my wife thought the house was filthy and intended to give it a thorough cleaning. She did that yesterday during her day off. Nothing would dissuade her and she absolutely would not let me do it; because as a man, I am unable to clean to her standards. Go figure.

I know that some husbands would be delighted by this, but I am not. She needs to unwind and relax. It has been hard for me to get her to do it. I’m thinking I must come up with some ingenious plan. Unfortunately or perhaps very fortunately, I am currently focused on tomorrow’s job interview and attaining employment. Maybe I can help her relax by just getting a job.

If not, I will be loosening up the old fingers for a good neck and back massage and some serious pampering. I’ll have to be more proactive if she continues to resist my appeals that she take it easy.

I’m thinking a fuzzy navel, some soft music, and a good massage ought to do the trick. I don’t know what you have to do to get your wife to relax, or if that is even a concern in your marriage. It is in mine. The girl is a human dynamo. Sometimes it wears me out just watching her. Perhaps I’ve gotten lazy in my old age, but I prefer to think that I have learned to appreciate the finer things in life; like a good nap, a cold adult beverage, a good cigar and of course the love of a good woman.

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Dianne said...

I've learned to let go of a lot of the household perfections. And still people tell me I do too much.

It's wonderful that you notice all this, so many people (men and women) take the doer of the household for granted.

I'll be thinking of you today and hoping for a good interview.

Richard said...
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Richard said...

Thanks Dianne. I should admit it's not just her. I am an inveterate picture straightener, rug mover and mini blind adjuster.

So we compliment each other in some respects. I think I'm pretty neat and clean for a guy.

The interview went well, but I still have some questions on the financial side.


Robert said...

Foot massage puts my wife in relaxation mode. Tried it?

Grilled salmon steaks....mmmmmmmm

Richard said...

Hey Robert, I had problems with the Salmon steaks. We let them get too soggy when we defrosted them.

They ended up tasting OK but did come up to the aesthetic standards of Bar-B-Cue U.

I may try the foot massage. I hadn't thought about that. Good idea.