Tuesday, July 1, 2008

That's Life!

Some famous golfer or scientist or somebody said that golf is a game played on a 5 inch course, the five inches between your ears. It occurs to me that life is the same way.

Recently things have gone from tough to tougher for my bride and I. Things seemed so desperate in the last few weeks that we contemplated selling our home here and moving to an area where there were better jobs and more opportunity. Just where that place might be right now I'm not sure.

So instead of chucking it all in and moving we'll just have to bear down and do whatever it takes to get by. The problem is that at times it does not seem possible to do that. The economy here in the foothills of North Carolina has been severely impacted by the loss of several thousand furniture jobs. These jobs have gone as far away as China, leaving a gigantic hole in the labor market and making jobs (any jobs) and especially decent jobs very scarce indeed.

As a last resort Vicki and I took what employment we could and have found ourselves amazed, bewildered, and surprised at what employers and bosses have become. Both of us know what a good job, a good boss and a good company are, and it is beyond disappointing to work with and for folks who take you for granted and use their position to take advantage.

Of course these things would be easier to take if at least we were making a buck or two, but even that isn't happening. So....... Here's to thinking positive, being innovative, creative and working through life's trials and tribulations. I know some of my good friends here in the blogosphere are in the same boat and I hope they can hang in as well.

Maybe, just maybe we can hang on till things pick up.

In the meantime I'm going to concentrate my efforts on the 5 inches between my ears, work as hard as possible and follow up each day's efforts with a prayer.

The Daily Husband


Dianne said...

my good thoughts are always sent your way, and for Vicki.

and I know they come back to me as well.

many somethings have to change

all you can do is the best you can do

Richard said...

Thanks Dianne, right back at ya.