Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I've had this conversation with several young married men in the past and I always give them the same advice. If Momma ain't happy you are not going to be happy either. Ergo: Happy Wife, Happy Life. This of course assumes you wish to remain married, enjoy the conjugal benefits and not find your jock strap tied in knots the next time you get ready for softball practice. (OK, maybe not this bad, but maybe worse ) So........

I am overjoyed to report my wife had an interview today with a local municipality and from what she told me she has all the skills and experience for the position they are filling. Please keep your fingers crossed with me on this, will ya? In addition, she received an e-mail today for a phone interview with another employer doing the same thing she does now. Very sweet!

Tonight I'll prepare some barbecue pork with cornbread and vegetables and we will celebrate her getting interviews. That's a start at least.

I on the other hand have had no offers yet. I spent half a day Monday at the local community college getting help on my resume and looking at what they had to offer. My new resume has been sent to several employers already this week. Maybe there is some hope for me as well.

Right now I'm really happy that things are looking up for Vicki. She needs some good news. It's bad enough she has to live with me, but when she is not happy at work and we're struggling financially it is extra tough on her. She feels obligated to put up with the BS and I am powerless to help her till I get a decent job.

Anywho.... The point of this post is that when a husband loves and cares about his wife; his happiness comes a lot easier when she is happy. It took this selfish 59 year old only-child a long time to learn this lesson. If you happen to be a young husband, why not take the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and not make the same ones yourself.

Sure, I know that men always seem to have their own priorities. So what; don't women have theirs as well. You have to focus on the small stuff first. Get the little things down and you'll find that the big stuff becomes easier or doesn't seem as important.

Priority one in a good marriage: love the hell out of your mate. Look after them as best you can and realize that your well being and sense of worth is connected to how they're doing and how you treat them. The halls of the divorce courts are full of well meaning couples that forgot this simple fact.

May your life and love blossom and prosper.

The Daily Husband


Dianne said...

I am very excited for Vicky and her interviews - I ams ending out all the good karma I have.

Dinner sure sounds good!

And I have no doubt that something wonderful is waiting for you too - and me actually - right down the road.

Richard said...

Dianne, keep sending your good vibes will ya, we need all we can get.



Dianne said...

Hey guys!

I'm still sending vibes. Just wanted ya to know.

Richard said...

Right back at ya.