Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Breakfast with Vicki

I love Sunday mornings. They usually include sleeping in, church when schedules allow and a great breakfast or sometimes brunch with my wife.

This Sunday was a sleep-in Sunday. Vicki's work schedule kept her at it for 6 days in a row, so we used the day for rest and relaxation. We made a breakfast together consisting of hash with a fried egg on top, toast with marmalade, coffee and juice.

Then we just hung out. That's the absolutely best part of my week. The day or sometimes (if her schedule allows and we're lucky) days we get to be together with nothing to do but be together. Should we decide on some minor project to take on that's fine, but if we want nothing more than to vegetate in front of the tube and get a good snuggle on, well that is all the better.

This Sunday we had visitors. We put our SUV up for sale and some folks came by to check it out. They liked the thing and now we have to get the pay off to the bank, get their funds into my account and deliver the car. All these things we are attempting today. Of course with three banks and the DMV involved it is not turning out to be a seamless endeavor.

Right now I'm on hold with my bank waiting to talk to a lady I spoke with in person this morning. It seems we need some numbers for the wire transfer to our account and it is taking a little time to get to talk to her. Funny, it wasn't that busy when I was there this morning, now I can't get hold of her. Oh well. it gives me time to finish this post and I still have the memory of Sunday morning breakfast with Vicki to carry me through the torments of today's tasks.

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