Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Dancing and Romancing Husband

Last night Vicki and I went to a local country bar to dance. It had a great band playing there named Horsepower. The lead singer is a short stocky guy who can sing and play guitar like crazy. They did pure country two steps, modern country, hard rock and even covered Prince's Purple Rain.

The bar is a little piece of Americana with Budweiser signs, a brown-bag bar (you bring your own liquor and they provide set-ups) and even some ancient disco balls that are lit up in the intermissions between the band's sets.

The clientele resembles a visit to the local Walmart. We witnessed guys who dressed up with sleeveless shirts like Larry the cable guy and a variety of men with baseball caps, shorts and tee-shirts or wife beaters. The gals dressed a little better, though a few were just plain scary. My darling bride referred to them as escaped trailer trash. I still believe the women were far more presentable than the men and wonder how those guys ever get any. Seriously, how do they show up looking like that and expect to attract the fairer sex. I just don't get it.

We stayed till around 11:30. We had danced for over two hours and I was a sweaty mess. We took a drive to downtown Hickory and walked around the square to see what was new. Turned out not much. The whole place was relatively deserted with just the Hickory Tap Room open and a few groups of teenagers hanging out. We checked out the new Arcade (closed on a Saturday night) and enjoyed the feel of our small downtown area.

A great night out and some well needed relaxation and recreation.

The Daily Husband


Dianne said...

Sounds heavenly. I can picture the two of you walking hand in hand in the square - a sweet, romantic image.

Youse guys delight me.

OH - I have a friend who has Larry the Cable Guy fantasies. She can't explain why but I do believe she hit her head on a Budweiser sign.

Richard said...

Just tell her to "Git er done" and get on with her life. There a whole bunch of Larry wannabes in Hickory and the surrounding countryside. Should we UPS her one to try out?

We're hanging in and hanging on just like a large majority of our citizens these days. I've never felt like I had more in common with the struggling masses than I do now. The simple pleasures are sustaining us and we know we're blessed to at least have those.

Hope you are doing OK as well Dianne.