Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday in the park

One thing I really love about Americans is the use they make of parks. In towns large and small across the country people get out on weekends when weather permits and bring their families to the park.

My wife's company had a picnic today in Dan Nicholas park in Salisbury, NC. We left Hickory around 1:30 and were there by 3:00. The park turned out to be huge. There was a nice size lake with paddle boats, camping, campgrounds with large covered pavilions for groups of all sizes and various other activities. Our pavilion seated a couple of hundred, though we did not need that much seating.

Vicki's company catered barbecue with goodies and we chowed down around 5:00. Vicki and I took a walk around most of the park, I tried a few minutes of volleyball (then had a picture of an ambulance pulling in with lights flashing) so I desisted.

I met a few more of her co-workers and we had a great day. We love to travel and see new things together, and the ride over was through uncharted territory. We sat and watched kids in the paddle boats at the lake and reminisced about our own experiences with them in our childhoods. A cool breeze kept things from getting too hot and the clouds kept heavy sunlight at bay.

On the way back we even had a little rain, though it appeared we did not get as much at the house when we returned.

A great Sunday afternoon with my wife at the park. It's one of those things that makes being married pretty cool.

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Dianne said...

with both of you working so hard this sounds like it was a wonderful break

Richard said...

It was great and we're going dancing this Saturday night as well.