Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second Fiddle

The are many names for it. Playing second fiddle, taking a backseat, and being supportive are just a few. What these all have in common is that they are the backbone to a good marriage. Listen up husbands, this could help you.

No matter what you do for a living, from Astronaut to Zoologist, you are always a husband first in your wife's mind. And in order to be a really first class husband, you have to understand the importance of being second.

Women in general and your wife specifically are much more important to your family and the world than you are. Name one man who can give birth. Can't can you? (and please don't use that lameass chick that had an operation and then got pregnant) But I bet you can name a woman who just had 8 children, huh?

So, on the biological level alone, your wife is wwwwaaaaaayyyyy more important than you are. Sure you had to be there for conception, but after that, not so much. Think about how many millions upon millions of our kids are currently growing up in single parent households. I don't believe it's as good as having two parents for them, but they are doing it.

Anyway......not to get too deep in this, cause it's really a simple premise.

A good husband knows when to take a backseat to his wife. Knows when to be the Jesse James to his Sandra Bullock, the Prince Phillip to his Queen Elizabeth and the Stedman to his Oprah. It really is all about them. Get used to it. Embrace it and enjoy it.

Women make the world go round guys. Think how much stupid stuff you did to impress girls.

So now, when you're married, why not do the smart thing to impress the most important girl in your life? Give in to the truth and let her know how much she means to you. Want an easy way to show that feeling? Make sure you're always playing backup to the lead singer in your relationship. And make sure she knows it.

It ain't all that hard and it makes a marriage fun. Like the commercial says: Just Do It!

The Daily Husband