Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Vicki

I won't be talking about how old she is today, cause that's just plain stupid. I mean stupid beyond even most husbands stupid. So we'll just leave it at that.

It took me a long time to understand how important the role of a husband is to a marriage and to the husband himself. If you are making the effort day in and day out to be a good mate it makes all the difference in the world. Sure, you're going to mess up. That's natural, we're guys and we're wired that way. The point is: are you doing your level best on a consistent basis to be a good partner or maybe even a great partner?

If you can ans
wer the above question in the affirmative, then you are most likely happily married.

So on the day of my wife's birthday I want to congratulate the millions of husbands out there that feel as I do. That life isn't complete without the companionship and love of your spouse. That living together with one person for years on end is actually fun. (If you like the person) And that having a good wife and a good marriage completes you.

Each year I spend whatever time it takes to find a card that says what I'm feeling. This year I found one that was succinct and to the point.

It simply said: "I love you like everything, because you are."

Happy Birthday Baby

The Daily Husband


Robert said...

Great words! On Thursday it is our wedding anniversary (2nd). I must remember to use those words then.

I hope you have lots more happy birthdays, Vicki!

Richard said...

Robert: Congrats on the coming anniversary.

Betty said...

Happy Birthday, Vicki. You're a lucky woman to have such a loving husband.