Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Husbands don't know about the coming year?

This is the most wide open title I've used for a post in some time. It comes from my belief that Husbands can be more clueless than most.

By this I don't mean to impugn the dignity or intelligence of Husbands, they do that enough by themselves. No, I mean we really don't know what's coming at us in 2009.

Most have heard that the economy will continue to struggle. I've heard estimates of several million homeowners being booted out of their homes by the time this is all said and done. (sometime in 2010 perhaps) Unemployment is slated to be between 8.5 % and 10 %. That means millions will be without jobs and many of them will be husbands.

So now is the time to look at your situation and take action as needed. In the case of my wife and I, we decided to sell our home in North Carolina and rent here in Phoenix. There were extenuating circumstances, but it has proven so far to be a good decision. In addition, we sold an SUV and purchased a Honda civic. (37 miles to gallon on our last road trip) Which with gas as low as it currently is was feasible for us. (the road trip that is)

Maybe it's too late for you to do something that drastic or maybe you don't need to; yet. Take a good hard look at your circumstances and plan for the coming economic downturn. There are a variety of economic sites with suggestions on budgeting, lifestyle change and other ways to save money. Do yourself a favor and learn how to live on less, consume less, need less and be more happy. I think you'll be surprised how much better off you will be in the end.

Along with economics is the new political agenda of the incoming president, world affairs and the continuing cultural struggle between various elements in our society. This new year will bring some new realities in that realm as well. Many will begin to understand that ours is turning into a brown country. The mixture of cultures and races has been a boon to our country in the past and must be again if we are to prosper in the future. The change in generations and the thinking that goes along with that means we are destined to look at ourselves and the world in a different way. Whether or not it is a better way is yet to be seen.

On the home front there will be increased stress in marriages from job dislocations, financial troubles, kids acting out, sex and love issues and all the old standbys; like jealousy, envy and so forth. If you haven't worked on some of these before now, then the new year may force them to the front of your mind in a very uncomfortable way. Take stock of the spiritual side of your relationship and work on it. If you want to have a partner to see you through these tough times.

And there it is; isn't it? Being married, being a Husband, means being a part of a partnership. Utilize that partnership to the maximum this year and it will help you deal with the challenges we will all face in 2009. While the pundits call for mostly doom and gloom in the new year, I look forward to the opportunity to meet the crisis head on and persevere if not prosper.

Here's hoping my fellow Husbands understand how much we don't know about the coming year and do their best to educate themselves for the coming challenge.

The Daily Husband


Robert said...

I hope that what I don't know about 2009 is good!

You're in a better position than many (as am I) to survive the current recession. I hope it stays that way.

Best wishes.

Richard said...

Robert: Thanks and same to you. We have to be positive and look for opportunity every day. Otherwise we're missing the point of being here; wouldn't you say?