Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Husband

I hope you husbands out there that celebrate Christmas are using this time of the year to enjoy your mate. By this I mean, enjoy the season, the atmosphere, the spirit and your wife's unique quirks and of course her family traditions that might differ from yours.

This picture of our tree shows a relatively normal looking Yule evergreen until you look closely at the ornaments. Many are handmade, some by me and some by our kids and grand kids. In addition there are picture ornaments, ornaments with dates memorializing family events, and ornaments given to us as presents.

The Santa Box at the lower right hand corner is one of those security gift bags that sounds an alarm if moved. I bought this for my wife's gift after warning her that her peeking days were over this year. It speaks in Santa's voice if you get near it and warns you not to peek.

Of course this is all in fun, yet there is an element of reality in choosing this item. My darling wife is a woman with a great sense of curiosity and that sense seems to be heightened at Christmas time. I spend a good deal of energy in attempts to outwit her each year as to the size, number and type of presents she'll be receiving. It adds to the fun of the season for us and has become quite a tradition. When we had kids in the house I would enlist their aid in hiding her presents and managed more than one surprise.

Our Christmases are always great fun because our anniversary is during the preceding week. We usually travel or plan some fun event for that occasion. This year we're headed to Laughlin, Nevada for a few days and then back to Phoenix to celebrate Christmas with family.

Here's hoping you have a very Merry Christmas!

The Daily Husband

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Robert said...

Tree looks superb! I can usually surprise my other half at Christmas, but it involves feeding her false "hints"...

I hope you have the great Christmas you deserve!