Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Moving Husband

If you read my last post then you know I got after it in the basement. I ended up pulling an all-niter to get the drywall up before our last showing on Saturday and it payed off. The house is sold. The couple who purchased it need to be in by the end of the month, so we're going to have to work hard to get moved in time.

The really nice thing about this whole deal is that the buyers are really nice folks who appreciate what we've done here and the potential of the property. The husband is retired and will spend a good deal of time in the yard gardening; there's plenty of space for that. The wife is still working and our location will insure her a short commute.

We feel very fortunate and blessed to have sold in less than 30 days and to have gotten just 3.5% less than asking price. I attribute our luck to hard work by Vicki in keeping the house clean and my efforts to finish the basement and give potential buyers a look at a home with no work to do.

The wife in our buyer's couple commented that they had looked at many nice homes, but none as clean and neat as ours. Sometimes the simple stuff counts. Clean freaks attract clean freaks I guess and it certainly works for me. So Vic gave notice and will be home next week packing, packing and then packing some more when she's resting.

I have some work to finish up in the basement and the garage for the new owners. In addition we'll be holding a couple of moving sales and consolidating, sorting, donating, throwing out and giving away what items we don't want to take with us.

I spent most of today making arrangements with movers, storage facilities in Phoenix and helpers to unload our stuff into storage when it gets there. We will follow some time later. I want to take my better half to the beach, see some of the kids, and visit my Mom and Dad's graves in Alabama on the way out to Arizona.

How many more posts I will be able to write is up in the air. If I'm able I'll post from on the road and include some pictures. We'll just have to see how it goes.

The Daily Husband

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