Sunday, May 5, 2013

Having your back

One on the most important characteristics of a good spouse is loyalty. I have done my best in the 32 years my wife and I have been together to be faithful and loyal above all else. I'm happy to report my wife has done the same.

Throughout our time together my wife has had several operations, two types of cancer (one very serious requiring a long treatment) and I have been there for her.

Recently she had the opportunity to reciprocate and she did it with an awesome attitude and a gentle hand. I ended up in the hospital for open heart surgery  and it literally kicked my butt. When I woke up I was in a great deal of pain and completely helpless. Vicki spent the first week with me in the hospital and saw me through the Cardiac ICU and the Cardiac recovery unit. Next she took another week off from work to stay home with me and help me adjust to my limited abilities while in recovery. She took care of me like I was a baby and it really helped. I was able to go the next week on my own and after just 5 weeks I went back to work.

Now, after two weeks back at work I'm still learning about my limitations till I'm fully recovered, but feel my care in the Hospital and while at home gave me a sound foundation for a full and speedy recovery. This is something I could not have done without my wife's support, care and love.

It's a wonderful thing to know someone has your back no matter how seriously you are ill or hurt. I am constantly amazed by how our relationship just keeps on getting stronger as we face these trials and hardships together. I guess that's the real test of a marriage; does it get better or fall apart when the going gets tough?

I fell so blessed that in our case it just keeps getting better.

I hope the same for you.



Jack E said...

Nice, man.


Jack E said...

Nice - Nancy does the same for me. She always accuses me of never saying it.