Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Well, this week started off with depressing news for me on the medical front. The blood tests I took came back and my doctor informed me that I am type 2 diabetic with high cholesterol. I am now on medication for the cholesterol and my diet has changed dramatically. Still, it could be worse, at least I'm able to take steps now to get the diabetes under control without the need of insulin therapy and if I can eat properly and exercise my condition should improve.

The weekend was spent chilling out and enjoying sports on the tube. The world cup, though annoying due to the lame horns, did provide some entertainment. In addition the U S Open golf championship brought some excitement as well as some disappointments.

A couple of my kids called today. My oldest son who resides in Atlanta and my middle daughter who lives in Enid, Oklahoma lifted my spirits with news of their lives.

So overall this was a good Father's Day.

I hope yours was good as well.


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Anonymous said...

Hey, McMims, I thought you ate pretty healthy compared to me. Sorry to hear that stuff, I too did the sports thing but I tried to watch the soccer but could only take about 3 minutes of non-action and jsut didn't get it. I can see why us "americans" will never take to soccer, with our incessant need for instant action and gratification. I heard this weekend that when websurfing if a page doesn't catch your eye within 8 seconds we move on, and I thought I probably only take 4 seconds.