Sunday, March 8, 2009

Husbands, Dating and Cigars

OK, you're asking yourself; "Is this guy saying Husbands should date?"

Yes, yes I am. If the only lady you date is your wife that is. My spouse and I went dancing last Saturday at a Phoenix Institution named Graham Central Station. It was much cooler in the 80s and 90s. The dancing hotspot is a mega club with a Karaoke bar, a massive C & W dance floor, an 80s dance floor and a small Hip-Hop club all in one.

If the combination sounds awkward; it's really not. It is a bit square in my opinion, but hundreds if not thousands of Phoenicians flock there on the weekends to meet, greet and dance. Vic and I always enjoy dancing and for me the only bummer is when I don't like the music. There was a lot of that going on at Grahams on Saturday night. (At least for me)

In spite of the squareness of the venues we managed to find some songs at each (with the exception of the Karaoke) to dance to and enjoy. We ended up leaving early to go to a local Casino. The Lone Butte Casino is a remodeled Indian Casino near us and we checked it out. The place was packed, even more than the club. Folks were busy making donations to the local Indian tribe, drinking, smoking and listening to a pretty good cover band. The only problem for us was there was no dance floor. We tried out luck at the slots, finding them very, very stingy and left to go get some late night dessert. Did I mention that we went to dinner first at the local Native New Yorker? No, huh.

Well, before going dancing we stopped in and had their classic Philly steak sandwich with steak fries. The meal is so big that we buy one and split it. During the meal we played trivia even winning once. After that it was on to dancing.


We decided to go back to the Native New Yorker for the Fudge Brownie Sundae and some more trivia. It turns out that they have Karaoke on Saturday nights. (Did I mention I hate Karaoke?) We endured the modestly good, the very, very bad, and the outright ugly in order to enjoy dessert and more trivia. (We won again)

During this time my wife noticed a woman at a table not too far away that looked familiar. It turned out to be one of her sisters who we hadn't seen in some time. Her table was celebrating her roommate's birthday and actively engaging in the Karaoke. We listened to a couple of pretty funny songs. One which involved a not so subtle innuendo about pussy (of course it was the singers pet cat, right?) The chorus utilized each preceding verse's topic which in the end sounded like something like this: HOT, WET, DIRTY, ETC, ETC, PUSSY!

Alright, it was a tad funny in a very corny way.

So our night went full circle with with dinner, dancing, people watching, late night dessert, sibling meeting, songs about pussy and such. All in all another great date. See, husbands can date if it's done right.

Oh and as far as cigars go: Friday night I smoke cigars and have an adult beverage or two. We cook out so I can stand outside and smoke while attending to the grill. After all, a guys gotta have a little guy stuff going on in his life too. Nothing says that like the aroma of charring meat and burning cigar tobacco mixed with Whiskey.

Happy Dating!

The Daily Husband


Betty said...

Sounds like a fun date. I don't know how long it has been since I went dancing. Sigh.

Richard said...

Can we cyber/virtual dance to something. I like R & B - Salsa and C & W.

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