Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you sleeping?

When your wife asks you this a 1:00 AM it is rarely a good thing. Oh, I know it could be to get lucky, but usually it's something keeping her from sleeping that's on her mind.

Last night was just such a case. I came in to the bedroom at a little before one and we talked about getting up early today. (which we did) Then we kissed goodnight and settled in. Within just a few minutes came the question: "Are you sleeping?" Since I don't usually nod right off unless I've had an adult beverage or two the answer was already known, but she asked the question anyway.

"No, I'm not sleeping" I answered with a laugh. "Are we going to move the Armoire into the living room and bring ours in here when we get our stuff out of storage?" she asked. I couldn't help myself, I just started laughing. "You picked this time of night to ask that question?" I inquired. "Having some trouble getting to sleep are you?" I continued. "Well I was just thinking about where we're going to put all the stuff from the storage room" she said.

We discussed this some more and I tried my best to stop laughing at the incongruity of this particular discussion at this time of night, but it took a while. In the end we concluded with a discussion of George Carlin's bit about "a place to put my stuff." If you haven't heard it, check it out.

Now you know why I couldn't stop laughing for a while. We were doing a small part of the "a place to put your stuff" bit at 1:00 AM.

God I love that woman.

The Daily Husband


Anonymous said...

I spent a year one week with George Carlin about 30 miles north of Cabo at a secluded fishing resort called Spa Buena Vista. We had taken 12 customers for a fishing trip and lucky me, George Carlin was vacationing there. Here we went down there to fish and every evening when we came in there was George hanging out at the outdoor bar. (it was very similar to the one in the Tom Cruise movie "Cocktail" four or five nights of free entertainment, he was smoking a few joints and slamming down the drinks. I think he was using us for new material, what a hoot. We had the guys from Del Webb and a couple of masonry contractors there, unforgettable!

Richard said...

Thanks Jack, good to hear from you.